The 18th Hole Pebble Beach
[ United States ]

5 Reasons to Visit Pebble Beach Even if You Don’t Like Golf

When my cousin Jackie suggested stopping at Pebble Beach on our day trip from Carmel to Monterey, my first thought was “Nope.” How boring! Realizing she was losing me, Jackie quickly mentioned something called the “17-Mile Drive” and assured me it was a scenic path worth exploring. Intrigued, I decided to trust her.

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Wailua Falls, Kauai
[ United States ]

Kauai: Hawaii’s Magical Garden Island

This past January, my Kauai-based friend Michelle knew I was careening toward a crossroads in my life: I was busy building up my freelance writing business in hopes of leaving my soul-sucking corporate job behind. Being a true believer in Kauai’s divine feminine energy, she promised it would be the ideal place for me to begin planning for the next chapter of my life and insisted I come visit.

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