Stuffed Maine Lobster
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New Holiday Tradition: Stuffed Maine Lobster

Getting more than your fill of holiday dinners piled high with ham, turkey, and prime rib this season? Then how about starting a new holiday tradition that will give your taste buds an unexpected treat? And by treat, I mean lobster!

Bluewater Grill provided me with a complimentary meal. Regardless, all opinions and text are my own. Please read my disclosure policy for more information.

Stuff the Lobster Instead of the Bird

At first, Aunt Betsy might find it hard to get on board with a new holiday tradition. But once she realizes how decadent this New England-inspired feast is at BluewaterGrill, she will quickly appreciate the time away from the kitchen during the most wonderful time of the year.

The first course begins with your choice of New England or Manhattan clam chowder — but why make such a difficult decision when you can have them both? I asked for a half-and-half cup and discovered a whole new flavor combination I won’t soon forget. It was the best of both worlds: creamy and cozy mixed with vibrant and zesty. I sopped every last drop up with fresh sourdough bread, which thankfully comes to the table straight out of the oven and in an unlimited supply.

There were a few suggested wine pairings to choose from, and I selected the St. Supéry Sauvignon Blanc from Napa. It was perfectly light and crisp with a hint of pink grapefruit and lime citrus, a perfect way to enhance any seafood dish.

The ‘Maine’ Attraction

Next, put on your bib, because the main feature is coming your way! It’s a massive, sustainably harvested whole Maine lobster with a special shrimp and buttery panko-crumb stuffing. Yep, it was every bit as scrumptious as you’re imagining right now. It was served alongside melted butter (of course!), a fresh coleslaw and mashed potatoes sprinkled with chives. There’s no point in trying to sound dainty about this — I dug in with my tiny seafood fork, my claw crackers and even my fingers, and made sure to get every delicious morsel of that creature into my mouth. Mission accomplished! Thankfully, our server brought warm, moist towels as she cleared our plates, so I could wipe away the evidence all over my hands and face.

Finally, as if I had room for more food, I topped off the meal with a slice of their tangy key lime pie. Can you imagine a better way to create a new holiday tradition with your family?

key lime pie in a raspberry drizzle

Doing Right by the Environment

This lobster promotion is consistent with Bluewater Grill’s mission to practice 100% sustainable purchasing. “The Maine lobster industry is the model of a well-managed fishery — ensuring that both the lobster resource and the environment are protected for generations to come,” says Bluewater Grill co-founder Jimmy Ulcickas. “Maine harvesters have been environmentally conscious and ‘eco-friendly’ since long before it became fashionable. They harvest their lobsters the same careful way they have for over 125 years — by hand, one trap at a time — thus protecting the quality of their product and the marine environment.”

Stuffed Maine lobster
Bluewater Grill’s Stuffed Maine Lobster Feast

Grab This New Holiday Tradition by the Claws

Bluewater’s Holiday Baked Stuffed Main Lobster meal (including the chowder,bread and two side dishes) is available for $40 through Jan. 2, 2019. Note: Wine can be added at Bluewater’s by-the-glass price. Click here for menus, locations and operating hours for the seven unique Bluewater restaurants in Southern California and Arizona.

Also, be on the lookout for Bluewater Grill’s monthly tasting events (like this one!), hosted every second Tuesday. They feature seasonal seafood specialty items paired with hand-selected wines or specialty draught beers. The events have become a popular monthly diversion for local seafood aficionados and Bluewater Grill’s large fan base.

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